According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) released on Friday, Bulgaria registered 0 % monthly inflation in April. A deflation of 1 % was recorded from the beginning of the year to April, while the annual deflation compared to the same month last year was 2.2 %. In April, decrease was registered in the prices of food products and soft drinks (0.1 %), housing and utility bills (0.7 %), furniture, domestic appliances and home maintenance (0.2 %), messages (0.1 %), culture and entertainment (1.7 %), restaurant and hotel services (0.5 %). There was increase in the prices of alcohol and tobacco products (0.5 %), clothing and shoes (4.8 %), healthcare (0.2 %) and education (0.1 %). In April, the prices of the following food products decreased: rye bread; rice; pasta; pork meat; mince; milk; yellow cheese; eggs; cucumbers; peppers; spring onion; leaf vegetables; fresh vegetable spices; carbonated drinks and beer. The prices of the following food products increased: white bread; meat from cattle, lamb and poultry; yoghurt; white cheese; sunflower oil; margarine; apples; citrus and southern fruits; tomatoes; olives; beans; lentil; potatoes; sugar and coffee. – See more at: